Reusable Hyper Purifying Breathing Face Mask with Nano-Fiber Filter


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SOOMLAB Hyper Purifying Mask with Nano-Fiber Filter allows for easy breathing. Also having high filtration and prevention of airborne particles. With an average of 0.1µm, Nano-Fiber is larger than air but smaller than noxious airborne particles. The filter is perfect for durability and filtration while providing maximum comfort.

- Reuseable up to 10 times when sterilize with sanitiser pray
- High Filtration 90% ~ 99%
- Very comfortable
- Easy to breathe
- Fit perfectly

Size Chart:
Length: from the centre of the nose to the chin 11.5cm
Width: Stretches up to about 10~13cm

Reuse Instructions:
- Sterilize with sanitiser spray for multiple use of up to 10 times
- Fully and completely dry the mask before reuse

- Do not wash the product
- Do not use the product after it was contaminated or deforming its structure

Made in Korea