SMEE SoftTouch InsuPen Retractable Insulin Safety Pen Needles 4MM 32G - Buy 10 Packs - 1000PCS


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SMEE SoftTouch InsuPen Safety Pen Needles 4MM 32G - 100PCS x 10 Packs

Retractable Insulin Safety Pen Needles.

Non Toxic, Non Pyrogenic, Sterile

Revolutionize your injection experience with our state-of-the-art locking mechanism designed to safeguard against needle stick injuries.

Enjoy added peace of mind with the discreetly concealed cannula, secured under the reassuring blue protection cap.

Our specialized silicone surface treatment ensures unparalleled injection comfort, making your experience as smooth as possible.

Compatible with all pre-filled Insulin Pen Devices, our product seamlessly integrates into your existing routine for a hassle-free, pain-free experience


InsuPen Needles 32G, 0.23 x 4mm
Number of pieces per box
100 pieces x 10 packs (1,000 pieces)
Compatible Pens

BD Pen




Humalog Pen

Humulin Pen

NovoPen Junior

NovoPen 3ml

Owen AutoPen

Sanofi OptiPen

Sanofi Optiset

Sannofi SoloStar

Therapeutic Goods Administration - TGA Approved ARTG 425970
Expiry 31-08-2028
Manufactured in Korea

How to use Retractable Insulin Safety Pen Needle